George Michael’s ‘Beautifully Heartbreaking’ Documentary

George Michael's 'Beautifully Heartbreaking' Documentary

George Michael’s ‘Beautifully Heartbreaking’ Documentary

Music fans have declared Channel 4’s documentary concerning St. George archangel a triumph, however same observation it “shattered” their hearts.
Entitled St. George Michael: Freedom, the intimate examine the star’s life and career was narrated by the late singer before his death in 2016, and featured antecedently unseen personal footage and interviews with music heavyweights like Sir Elton John and Stevie marvel.
Fans were in tears because the singer mentioned the loss of his partner Anselmo Feleppa to associate degree Aids-related malady and his grief following the death of his mother.

Many same they were blown away by the “beautifully heartbreaking” programme, however that they conjointly found it extraordinarily emotional.
That was “painful however perfect”, one person wrote on Twitter, adding a string of pale blue hearts.
“That was one in every of the foremost touching and heart painful things I’ve ever watched,” same another.
“I’m over a trifle heart-shattered being attentive to St. George archangel name his nice love, Anselmo,” one said.
“Absolutely weeping my heart out,” admitted another, whereas one enraptured fan same “not for the primary time, St. George has Pine Tree State in bits”.

The documentary conjointly triggered many longing for Michael’s several hits.

“So lucky to possess mature up together with his music. Thought this was a splendidly homesick documentary”,
wrote one viewer.

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